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Federal Court Orders Subcontractors to Pay Over $207,000 to EJC Clients in Wage Theft Case

Gavel and Books On December 22, Chief Judge Beryl Howell of the D.C. federal district court awarded over $207,000 to 13 EJC clients - all carpenters and drywall finishers - in a case under federal and stage wage laws. The case, Freddy Paz Perez, et al. v. C.R....

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EJC Recovers $40,000 for Unpaid Construction Worker

From left: EJC attorney Andrew Hass with Eduardo and his check

In another recent victory, the EJC recently recovered $40,000 in unpaid wages and damages for a worker who performed weeks of unpaid carpentry work at a local restaurant. In 2011, Eduardo Hernandez worked for...

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