Edna’s Story

“I have found E.J.C. to be very effective in helping the community in seeking employment [and] defending rights of those who could not defend for themselves.” -Edna

Having been injured on the job in 1995 and again in 2002, Edna has experienced a long and difficult road of seeking disability compensation and returning to work. The EJC helped her throughout the process of appeals.

With the EJC’s consultation, Edna was able to represent herself at a Disability Compensation Program hearing.  She was awarded back benefits for carpal tunnel syndrome.  The District Government then attempted to appeal Edna’s victory.  When EJC provided Edna with  pro bono counsel, the District withdrew their appeal.

The Office of Risk Management then refused to give Edna her benefits.  They had not paid her for 2 years, so she filed an appeal in DC Superior Court for enforcement.  The EJC helped her draft her appeal.  Edna is currently receiving the benefits she is owed, as she cannot work.

Edna  is also a member of EJC’s Workers Advocating for Greater Employment (WAGE) and Injured Workers Advocates (IWA).  As a member of both groups she has had the opportunity to testify before the DC Council, speak with executive branch staffers, and testify regarding legislation affecting the disability compensation program.