Sandra’s Story

“Had it not been for the help that I received from E.J.C., I [have] no idea as to where I would be at this time.”

Sandra was injured on the job through no fault of her own and then denied workers’ compensation benefits.  She came to the EJC looking for help with her case.  She could not work, but the insurance company insisted she could.

Sandra lost her house because the DC government wouldn’t pay her disability compensation.

The EJC helped Sandra draft a letter requesting a reconsideration of her benefits regarding her worker’ compensation.

She finally received some of her benefits, and was able to recoup her house!

Sandra felt so impassioned about reforming the Workers Disability Compensation Program in DC, she joined the Injured Workers Advocates (IWA) and later Workers Advocating for Greater Employment (WAGE).  With IWA, she successfully advocated for an audit of the Office of Risk Management, including a review and improvement of management.

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