Shirley’s Story

“Working with EJC – they have helped me get my benefits restored that were stolen from me for over seven years and they are still helping me to get my life insurance and my retirement benefits that have been illegally stolen, withheld or have disappeared.” -Shirley

Shirley was injured on the job with the DC government through no fault of her own.  The Office of Risk Management and the third party contractor it uses to outsource the disability compensation program denied Shirley benefits despite the fact that she was completely unable to work.

Shirley filed to have her benefits reinstated.  She was told that a letter had been sent to her that terminated her benefits.  She never received this letter.  As such, she filed an appeal.

After a struggle for seven years and with the help of the EJC, Shirely was able to win back $45,000 she was owed in back pay and full reinstatement of her disability benefits going forward.

Shirley is also a member of EJC’s Workers Advocating for Greater Employment (WAGE) and Injured Workers Advocates (IWA).  As a member of both groups she has had the opportunity to testify before the DC Council, speak with executive branch staffers, and testify regarding legislation affecting the disability compensation program.