Do you want your server coughing on your food?

You consider yourself an ethical eater. You care about organic healthy food. What about the health of those who cook and serve your food? Do you want your server to sneeze on your food? Almost four years after DC became the second city to pass a law providing earned paid sick days to certain workers, still 80% of DC restaurant workers don’t earn any paid time off, and 60% report cooking, handling, and preparing food for the public while sick.

Several organizations in the District have joined to launch the Paid SIck Days for all Campaign – an effort to educate workers, consumers, and employers about the importance of providing paid sick days for all restaurant workers in the District.

Sign the petition and support the Paid Sick Days for All Campaign.

We know that as consumers we care about the quality of our food. We all want to be more ethical consumers by supporting restaurants that use locally grown produce and take a special interest in providing fresh and nutritious dishes. So why not care about the quality of life and work of the people who cook and serve our food?

Sign the petition today! Add your voice to the thousands who support our fight for healthy workers, healthy businesses, and a healthy District.