Forced to finish her shift when she couldn’t even walk

This week’s story comes from Naomi, a ROC-DC member and longtime restaurant worker.

More often than not, workers like Naomi are forced to work even when they are extremely sick.  Naomi couldn’t even walk, nor could she hold back her tears due to the extreme pain she was feeling. But her manager forced her to finish her shift despite her pleas and tears. Fearing that she would be fired if she didn’t, Naomi wiped off her tears and went back to work.

Stories like Naomi’s are far too common. Many times workers feel like they have to go to work even if they are ill, because they can’t afford to lose a day’s pay or because they fear being fired. This is known as “presenteeism” and it’s estimated to cost the national economy $160 billion annually, surpassing the cost of “absenteeism”. In addition, workers without paid sick days are far more  likely to go to the emergency room because they can’t take time off to stay home and get better, or go to the doctor during normal business hours.

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