Eat and Tweet Your Values

Restaurant Week is upon us. From February 4th through 10th, people in DC will venture out to new restaurants and enjoy a discounted three-course meal.  But as you head toward some of your favorite spots in the city, don’t forget about the waiters and waitresses who serve your food. Did you know that over 80% of restaurant workers in the District cannot take paid sick days, and as a result, 59% have reported preparing, cooking, or serving food while sick?

EJC is a leading member of the Paid Sick Days for All Campaign and we believe paid sick days are important for EVERYONE in our city. We encourage you to support these participating restaurants during Restaurant Week because they guarantee their workers paid time off to recover from illness: Ben’s Next Door, Eatonville, Graffiato, Jaleo, Oyamel and Zaytinya. No matter where you decide to eat, check out these two easy ways to help us raise awareness about paid sick days:

1) Tweet Before You Eat! Use the official Restaurant Week hashtag, #DMVRW

Before you go out to eat next week, TWEET about the importance of paid sick days and mention the restaurant you are patronizing using the #DMVRW hashtag.  Every business should be encouraged to treat their workers with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Here are a few sample tweets you can use:

Eating a delicious meal at (Restaurant). I wonder if servers here get #paidsickdays? 59% of DC wait staff come to work sick. #DMVRW

How many #DMVRW restaurants offer paid sick days? Everyone gets sick, but not all of us can afford to get better. Plz RT!

Tweet something nice to the DC restaurants that offer paid sick days! Let them know you appreciate it. Here are their Twitter handles: @eatonville@Graffiato@jaleotapasbar,@oyameldc@ZaytinyaDC.


2) Not big on Tweeting?  Then go on Facebook!

Most restaurants have their own Facebook page. So go write on their wall and ask if they offer paid sick days to their employees, or tag them in your own Facebook status, or in a photo of your meal (best captured through an uber-cool Instagram filter).  Here’s an example of what you can say:

I enjoyed eating at (restaurant name), but I wonder if your business offers its workers paid sick days.  Would you let your employee come to work with the flu? What if her child has an ear infection? Everyone should have the opportunity to take a paid day off when they or a loved one are sick. This means employees can get well sooner, bring fewer germs to the workplace and are more likely to stay in their jobs. The way you treat your workers matters to me.