Tacklebox Workers Win $4237 of Justice

Video of action narrated by Employment Justice Center Organizer Hannah Kane:

Three former employees of Tacklebox and Hook restaurants in Georgetown returned to their old employer today to demand again the thousands of dollars of unpaid wages they had been trying to collect for more than half a year after their initial paychecks bounced.

By 12:30pm, the workers emerged from Tackle Box victorious with all $4237 of the money they were owed.

The difference? This time, the workers weren’t alone – they were joined by 54 supporters from the D.C. Wage Theft Coalition who waited outside of the restaurant while the workers went inside to demand their wages.

The D.C. Wage Theft Coalition, a group of labor, legal services, and workers’ rights organizations organized the action, with Employment Justice Center organizers Hannah Kane and Jamie Gorosh playing major roles. Thanks to the Washington Building Trades, Iron Workers, Unite Here, UFCW, Union de Trabajadores, and especially DC Jobs with Justice for joining with EJC to make today’s victory possible.

The group then marched to the waterfront to a celebratory rally where we heard from several workers about their own experiences with wage theft and all expressed our commitment to continue to work together to strengthen DC’s laws and enforcement of wage laws so that we can put an end to wage theft.

We need your help to win this campaign to stop wage theft. Please sign the wage theft petition so we can show the strength of our numbers and keep you in the loop on future events.

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