Have you ever found your paycheck was cut in half?

stopwagetheftHave you ever found your paycheck was cut in half? Well, one half of Ingrid A.’s paycheck never made it into her wallet. Instead, her employer flatly refused to pay her what she was owed. Ingrid had a job cleaning banks. For this work, she was promised a wage of only $600 per fifteen-day pay period. However, at the end of three weeks, she was given half that amount, about $300 in cash.

At the Employment Justice Center’s Workers’ Rights Clinic, Ingrid discovered that even if she were to be paid the full amount promised, she would be earning less than the minimum wage. With this information, Ingrid calculated that she was still owed $1,220 for her work. Unfortunately, Ingrid’s supervisor left no trace of her time working for him. He had paid her in cash and had never even told her his address. With no proof, and no way to contact her supervisor, Ingrid was left with no options to recover her wages. Sadly, Ingrid’s boss did not simply steal $300 in wages, but her peace of mind, security and dignity. Like many of the low-wage workers who come to the EJC, Ingrid says that what bothers her most about this situation was that she worked hard and deserved her pay.

With your help, the EJC can provide low-wage workers like Ingrid with education about their rights, legal assistance through our Workers’ Rights Clinic, and the opportunity to join other workers in our advocacy campaigns and community organizing efforts to pass stronger wage theft legislation that would protect workers like her.

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