A huge six months: EJC recovers over $500,000 in first half of 2013

thermometerEvery year, we at the EJC try to return at least $500,000.00 to the pockets of low wage workers who have experienced wage theft and other forms of workplace injustice. We do this through our workers’ rights clinic, through in-house legal representation, worker organizing, and through referring cases to pro bono attorneys.

We are proud to report that – as of July 15 – we are on track to absolutely crush this goal. As of July 15, 2013, the EJC has already helped to obtain $539,228.52 in settlements and judgments on behalf of 60 individual low-wage workers. And this number does not even include the non-monetary relief – like free housing from an employer who did not pay minimum wage – that we have been able to win for some of our clients.

Seventy percent of this total is the result of in-house litigation and the workers’ rights clinic alone. And 65% of these settlements and judgments – many of which involve multiple payments over time – have already been collected. In short, by any metric, this has been an amazing 6 months for the legal services team at the EJC.

Though we know that not all the EJC does can be measured in cold, hard cash, it has been rewarding to see so many of our clients receive substantial, tangible relief.

These victories would not be possible without your support. Help us continue the fight. Your donation is an affirmation of your commitment to the EJC’s mission to secure, protect and promote workplace justice in the D.C. metro area. Thank you so much for your help!