Next stop, El Salvador!

Next week, a delegation of six EJC staff members, worker activists, and community partners  will travel to El Salvador to meet with representatives of Habitat for Humanity El Salvador and from the Proyecto Getsemani in Ahuachapan, El Salvador. During the following week, three people representing these organizations will come to the District to visit the EJC staff and other community organizations. Funding for this Learning Exchange is being provided through the generosity of the Consumer Health Foundation.

The EJC serves low-wage workers in the metropolitan D.C. area, and many of the low-wage workers who seek our assistance at our Workers’ Rights Clinics or who lead our advocacy campaigns come from El Salvador. Many of these workers stay connected to their communities in El Salvador and are responsible for the support of others through remittances sent home to family members still living in El Salvador.

Workers who come to the metro Washington DC area have also come to escape poor economic conditions, lack of opportunity and worker exploitation. This is a pattern being repeated all over the world as workers are being forced to leave impoverished home communities to find opportunities in richer nations. This pattern has also repeated itself through history. During the Great Migration in the United States, African-Americans also migrated from the South to the North for better opportunities for themselves and their families – while also trying to maintain connections with the people left at home.

Watch our website for “Reports from the Field” as participants in the El Salvador Advocate Exchange blog their experiences and learning over the course of their journey.

Also, save the date! On Thursday, November 7 at 7:00pm, the delegation will be giving a presentation to report back to the DC community about what we have learned. Please join us!