Paid Sick Days and Minimum Wage Hearing Draws Hundreds of Supporters

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One hundred and forty people, passionate about strengthening the paid sick days law in DC and raising the minimum wage, signed up to testify at Monday’s hearing at the DC Council. Dozens of other DC residents attended the hearing to show their support for both these measures.

The Paid Sick Days for All Coalition, led by the EJC, came out in force to testify in favor of expanding DC’s paid sick leave law, raising the minimum wage to $12.50 and raising the tipped minimum wage from from $2.77 to $12.50. This marks the first time the Paid Sick Days for All Coalition and the Respect DC Coalition, which leads the minimum wage campaign, have united. We are working together to ensure that all D.C. workers can care for their health without fear of losing their wages or jobs and earn enough money to cover the basics and support their families.

During the course of the 11 hour hearing, workers, economists, public health officials, employers and community groups all testified about the need for a stronger paid sick days law and a higher minimum wage to create a healthier and more economically secure district.

The day was punctuated by an action to dramatize the need for higher wages and paid sick days for DC’s working families.

During the hearing, Councilmember Vincent Orange, Chairman of the committee responsible for the paid sick days bill and the minimum wage bill, said that he was committed to raising the minimum wage and to expanding paid sick leave. Take a moment now to thank Chairman Orange for his support and urge him to make sure this comprehensive piece of legislation is passed as soon as possible.


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