Second Employment Justice Organizer, Emma Cleveland, Joins EJC

emma pic

For the past six months I have been collaborating on the Paid Sick Days and Minimum Wage campaigns as a worker organizer and today I came on board at the Employment Justice Center. It’s really exciting after those two big wins to get to be involved in making sure that these laws touch people’s lives through higher wages and paid time off when they are ill! I’ll also be working hand in hand with the other Employment Justice Organizer, Hannah, to push the Wage Theft campaign forward and help build worker leadership in the WAGE group.

I’ve spent the past few years organizing low-wage workers in legal organizations and unions, so I’ve been able to jump right into the work at EJC. Most recently, before working at EJC, I was part of the campaign that brought workers in federal buildings on strike and eventually pushed President Obama to sign an executive order mandating that government contractors pay a $10.10 minimum wage. Previously, I worked with day laborers in Virginia at the Legal Aid Justice Center and trained workers on civil and immigrants’ rights with the ACLU of Pennsylvania.

I’m glad to be working at an organization that is revolutionizing what it looks like to meld legislative advocacy and legal service provision while also building a powerful base of worker-leaders in the District. The end of 2013 meant several big wins for workers and I’m looking forward to keeping that momentum going as part of the EJC’s staff.