Ensuring DC Parents Know About Paid Sick Days



It’s fall in DC, which means that temperatures are cooling, the leaves are changing, and parents happily took their children back to their first day of school. This year, the EJC and the Paid Sick Days Coalition went back to school with them, educating DC parents about their right to paid sick days when their child is sick. Through flyering at schools and an aggressive social media campaign, the EJC and our coalition partners brought the issue of paid sick days to hundreds of workers throughout the city.




As part of this effort, we were joined by  Council Member David Grosso to flyer at Barnard Elementary School, informing over 200 parents that they do not have to choose between taking care of a sick kid and a day’s wages. We also worked with the Washington Teacher’s Union to distribute flyers about Paid Sick Days to schools throughout the city.

Click here to see Univision’s coverage of the event.

On September 19, we wrapped up our Back to School outreach with a twitter storm, spending an afternoon tweeting with our allies about the new paid sick days law. We really made it rain, reaching a considerable portion of the public in a few short hours! The @paidsickdays account alone was viewed over 10,000 times!!

DC Council Members David Grosso, Vincent Orange, Kenyan McDuffie, Anita Bonds, Jim Graham, and Tommy Wells all also tweeted,  and their tweets reached a lot of DC parents.  

We are really excited at the success of this outreach campaign and hope to use it as inspiration for more events throughout the year!


The Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act of 2013 mandates that workers will begin earn paid sick leave right away, and employers must allow them to use accrued leave once they have been on the job for 90 days. The rate of accrual varies depending on the size of the employer:

  • 1-25 employees will earn at least 1 hour for every 87 hours worked, up to 3 days a year
  • 26-99 employees will earn at least 1 hour for every 43 hours worked, up to 5 days a year
  • 100+ employees will earn at least 1 hour for every 37 hours worked, up to 7 days a year
  • Tipped restaurant workers have a right to at least one hour of paid sick leave for every 43 hours worked, up to 5 days a year. Restaurant workers who normally earn less than the regular minimum wage ($9.50 per hour in July) will still be entitled to the regular minimum for each hour of leave they use.