Why Do You Volunteer?


Who: My name is Shelia and I volunteer at EJC as an Intake Volunteer. Most recently becoming a member of the EJC Senior Volunteer Program.

What: My role as an Intake Volunteer serves as an intermediary between the client and the pro bono Advising Attorney. I am in direct contact with the individual seeking legal advice, where I listen to his or her story and provide direction on how to proceed under the attorney’s guidance. Also, as a Senior Volunteer, I may train, coach and provide feedback to other Intake Volunteers. My motivation is the feeling of satisfaction with the time I give and witnessing the benefit of my work.

Where: Workers’ Rights Clinic held at Bread For the City NW, Washington, DC

When: Once a week on Wednesdays; 2-3 hours

Why: The reason why I wanted to volunteer at EJC was to aid in making career and education choices. The reason why I continue to volunteer is that I enjoy it. Sometimes it’s just a simple thank you from a client that keeps me coming back. EJC staff and volunteers have become an extended family to me. It’s amazing how I know everyone by name. (Well almost everyone). I support EJC because I believe in what it’s doing for the individuals and the community.


Shelia’s Legal Background: Shelia is a paralegal in civil litigation for law firms and government agencies. She has an associate Degree in Paralegal Studies from Prince George’s Community College, Largo, Maryland. She also has a bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from North Carolina Central University, Durham, North Carolina. Eventually, Shelia wants to become an attorney.


Interested in joining the EJC team? Apply online to volunteer at the Workers’ Rights Clinic and get valuable intake experience while helping low-wage workers fight against workplace injustice. Fill out an application online at www.dcejc.org/volunteer or email justice@dcejc.org for more information.