Brand New Worker’s Rights Website!



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In the past year, workers and advocates in DC have won some of the strongest labor rights in the country. Members of the Just Pay Coalition, including the Employment Justice Center successfully increased DC’s minimum wage, expanded the paid sick days law, put stronger penalties on employers who commit wage theft and made itillegal to ask about many workers’ criminal records on applications and in job interviews. With all of these great advances, it’s a lot to take in. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert on it all.

The Just Pay Coalition has launched a new bilingual website to help D.C. workers learn more about their rights on the job. You can access the website at in English and in Spanish. It includes detailed, easy-to-understand information on the new workers’ rights laws and answers common questions like:

Does my employer have to give me paid sick days when I miss work because I’m sick or have a doctors’ appointment?
What is wage theft and how do I know if it is happening to me?
What is the current minimum wage in D.C. and how will it go up in the future?
Can my employer ask me about my criminal record on a job application or in an interview?

The website also provides guidance on what to do if you think your employer is not following D.C.’s labor laws, including information on how to attend one of the EJC’s workers’ rights clinics. Read up on your rights and share them with your community!