EJC-led Wage Theft Protest Featured in Washington Post

In October, EJC staff EJC protest wagemembers and volunteers, together with our coalition partners and members of our workers committee, spearheaded a protest outside Indigo, a restaurant in D.C.’s H St. NE neighborhood. The protest demanded thousands of dollars in unpaid wages for Reyna M., a former Indigo employee. The protest was featured in the Washington Post. You can read more about the protest here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/going-out-guide/wp/2015/10/08/protesters-disrupt-lunch-at-indigo-to-demand-back-wages-for-dishwasher/

To date, Indigo has not paid Reyna the wages she is owed, but with the help of the EJC, she is continuing to fight for what is due to her.