The DC Council Passes Two Legislations We Can Live With

  • The Ban the Box on Housing bill (B21-0706) passed late yesterday; the bill precludes a housing provider from making an inquiry about or requiring an applicant to disclose an arrest or criminal accusation which is not pending or did not result in a conviction prior to making a conditional offer of housing. It provides exceptions to this prohibition including: where it is required by Federal law or where there are 3 or less rental units and one is occupied by the owner. It establishes penalties for violations authorizes enforcement powers to the Office of Human Rights


  • Anita Bonds “People with Disabilities” bill (rental control)-Elderly and Tenants with Disabilities Protection Amendment Act of 2016 (Bill 21-173)
    • CM Bonds moved an amendment was approved unanimously by voice vote.
    • Legislation, as amended, was approved unanimously by voice vote.