EJC’s Good Jobs Campaigns

The EJC strives to improve workplace justice in the DC metropolitan area through advocating for policy changes based on the employment problems we see workers confront in our weekly Workers’ Rights Clinic. While providing legal advice and representation helps address problems one individual at a time, the EJC also identifies issues for systemic reform. The EJC leads and supports workers’ rights campaigns for systemic reform through organizing impacted workers and leveraging our policy expertise.

Just since last Labor Day, we have successfully co-led campaigns to raise DC’s minimum wage, expand paid sick days protections to all DC workers, and strengthen enforcement of DC’s workplace protection laws to prevent wage theft. We have also participated in coalitions that successfully advocated for legislation to reduce employment discrimination against job applicants with arrest or conviction records, establish a living wage for DC government contractors, and expand unemployment benefits.

We are now working to ensure successful implementation of all of these new laws and continuing to fight to improve the workers’ compensation system for DC government workers who are injured on the job.

Want to support workers’ rights in the DC metropolitan area?

We always need volunteers to help promote EJC’s legislative and enforcement campaigns designed to improve DC’s laws for workers and increase enforcement of existing workplace fairness laws. We need people who can help produce campaign materials, organize workers and other volunteers to take action, testify before the D.C. Council, write letters to the editor, consult on legislative drafting, host house parties or phone banks, and participate in countless other grassroots advocacy techniques. If you are interested, please call Aaron Goggans at (202) 828-9675 × 119 or send an e-mail to advocacy@dcejc.org.