Disability Compensation Campaign

Disability compensation system for D.C. government workers who are injured is deeply stacked against the injured workers. EJC advises a group of Injured Worker Advocates who fight for greater fairness in D.C.‘s disability compensation system. In 2011, IWA members convinced the D.C. Council to restore a provision of the law previously revoked because of budget cuts, which makes attorneys’ fees available to lawyers who represent individuals in D.C. Disability Compensation proceedings. As a result, more claimants will be able to find representation for disability compensation cases. IWA members are currently active in seeking legislative and administrative reforms to improve the system for evaluating claims, providing vocational rehabilitation, and enforcing prompt payment of awards owed to the injured workers. To get involved in helping to reform the disability compensation system, please call 202-828-9675 ext. 11 or send an email to advocacy@dcejc.org.

Petition in Support of Injured DC Employee Rights

Over 2,000 injured D.C. government employees go through the Public Sector Workers Compensation Program each year. Disability benefits are intended to give injured government workers financial security when injured on the job and help them pay their medical care, rent, and other basic necessities.  Unfortunately, due to a decade of poor administration an noncompliance, formerly middle-class injured workers have been driven into poverty.

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