Picture of five Injured Worker Advocates standing as a group with EJC Avodah Fellow Naomi Iser

The Injured Worker Advocates

Injured Worker Advocates is a group of injured D.C. government workers advocating for greater fairness in D.C.‘s disability compensation system. In 2011, IWA members convinced the D.C. Council to restore a provision of the law previously revoked because of budget cuts, which makes attorneys’ fees available to lawyers who represent individuals in D.C. Disability Compensation proceedings. As a result, more claimants will be able to find representation for workers’ compensation cases.

Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation system for D.C. government workers who are injured remains deeply stacked against the injured workers. IWA members remain active in seeking legislative and administrative reforms to improve the system for evaluating claims, providing vocational rehabilitation, and enforcing prompt payment of awards owed to the injured workers.

Please email Committe Chair Kenyan McDuffie today to advocate for protecting these injured workers.

To get involved in the Injured Worker Advocates, please call 202-828-9675 ext. 11 or send an email to advocacy@dcejc.org.