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Black Lives Matter: A Statement of Solidarity

The Employment Justice Center believes that in securing, protecting and promoting workplace justice for the most vulnerable among us, we raise the floor for workplace justice for all of us. This is the central tenet of the work we do every day and forms the basis of our legal, organizing and advocacy work. Implicit in...

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Spread the Word and Support EJC on "Giving Tuesday", Dec. 2

  givingtuesday The #GivingTuesday movement was first announced in October 2012, when a group of friends and partners, led by the 92nd Street Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association in Manhattan, came together to find ways to promote and celebrate the great American tradition of giving. As...

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Ensuring DC Parents Know About Paid Sick Days

FVAW_2014_0015_FINAL_DC   It’s fall in DC, which means that temperatures are cooling, the leaves are changing, and parents happily took their children back to their first day of school. This year, the EJC and the Paid Sick Days Coalition went back to school with them, educating DC parents...

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$10,000 Settlement Reached in Unpaid Overtime Case

From left: Juan Carlos Galan, EJC Attorney Andrew Hass, and Rudis Galo

From left: Juan Carlos Galan, EJC Attorney Andrew Hass, and Rudis Galo.

Earlier this week, three EJC clients received their full unpaid wages and partial liquidated damages as part of a $10,000 settlement...

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What is Work?: Supreme Court Ponders Question This Term

Courtesy Dallas Morning News BizBeat Blog:

Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse. Courtesy Dallas Morning News BizBeat Blog.

Last week the Supreme Court heard a case involving an essential question for the EJC and the workers it serves: what activities should employees be paid for? In other words, what...

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Could Paid Family Leave Be Next in the District?

This September, the Department of Labor announced that Washington D.C.  will receive a $96,000 grant from the federal government to help assist in planning and start-up of a paid leave program to ensure all District workers are able to access affordable family leave. The funds can be used for planning purposes, such as designing the program...

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