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Edna's Story

“I have found E.J.C. to be very effective in helping the community in seeking employment [and] defending rights of those who could not defend for themselves.” -Edna
Having been injured on the job in 1995 and again in 2002, Edna has experienced a long and difficult road of seeking disability compensation and returning to work. The...

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EJC in the News: How to Create More Jobs for D.C. Residents

If city residents lack life skills, are illiterate or haven't been trained for existing jobs, no amount of new rules or requirements will help them get jobs. A recent policy brief by DC Appleseed, the DC Fiscal Policy Institute, the D.C. Employment Justice Center and other nonprofit organizations identified this "skills mismatch" between D.C. residents...

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EJC in the News: New Year, New Mayor, New Ideas for Workforce Development

Policy researchers and advocates unveiled their recommendations for the new administration to support Mayor-elect Gray’s vision for the future of workforce and economic development in the District. These leaders, convened through The Community Foundation’s Greater Washington Workforce Development Collaborative, presented two briefs on how to improve the quality of workforce development infrastructure and policy. Blog...

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EJC in the News: Moms Rise Up, Laud Organizations for Paid Sick Day Policies

Eighty percent of low-wage workers do not get any paid sick days, according to MomsRising. Yet some employers have embraced the Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act. Teaism, a local D.C. chain that serves specialty teas and Asian food, has been a strong supporter of the act since the very beginning. To...

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EJC in the News: Wage Theft Complaints on the Rise in D.C.

In 2008, 51 percent of day laborers in the D.C. area were paid less than what they had been promised. According to Laura Brown, director of legal services at the D.C. Employment Justice Center, complaints of non-payment or underpayment of wages at the organization’s weekly workers rights clinic jumped from a quarter of all complaints...

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Wage Theft Op-ed

Melvina Ford, Executive Director of EJC

As one Employment Justice Center client put it, “Not being paid is life changing.” It can lead to the loss of housing, cause a family to go hungry or force someone to seek public assistance...

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