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EJC in the News: TEAISM to be Carrotmobbed

The term “Carrotmob” comes from the phase “use the carrot, not the stick,” and is a method of activism in which consumers use their buying power to reward businesses that take socially responsible actions. This Saturday, November 13th starting at 10am at TEAISM’s Penn Quarter location, the Restaurant Opportunities Center of DC (ROCDC) is...

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EJC in the News: Proposed Legislation Targets Wage Theft

At the DC Employment Justice Center's Shaw worker's rights clinic, Laura Brown observed that 25 percent of the clients were there for unpaid wages. It is a common occurrence for labor contractors to not pay ages to workers whom are picked up at gathering spots. These cases often go unsolved from incorrect contact information. Washington,...

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State of Latino Health

41.5% of D.C. Latinos have no form of health insurance. 61% of D.C. Latinos responded in a survey as overweight or obese. The Council of Latino Agencies recommends health surveillance, outreach to expand health insurance, education campaigns, and investment in Latino-serving clinics. Lisa Guerra, the EJC'S bilingual staff attorney, is referenced. PDF

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EJC in the News: Why Can't Calvin Fly?

59 year old Calvin Moore has been unemployed for two years, largely due to his criminal record. He also suffers from past injuries. His criminal record dates back to 1973 when he served a three and a half year prison sentence for an armed robbery crime he didn't commit. Regarding his 42 attempts to find...

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Examiner Op-ed July 2010

On Friday, July 2, 2010, the Examiner and the Post Now blog ran articles reporting that Kelly Valentine, the director of D.C.’s Office of Risk Management (“ORM”), has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation of the Office. At issue is $6 million in insurance premiums collected...

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EJC in the News: D.C. Wants to Make Big Box Stores Pay Up, Hire Local

Wal-mart has found a viable establishment location after five years. 76 percent of D.C. voters would support legislation that would force big-box stores to pay its employees $12 an hour, and only less if the company provided substantial health benefits. "If you’re going to come into the city, you have to make a commitment to...

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