Council Passes Workplace Fraud Act

The D.C. Council passed the Workplace Fraud Amendment Act of 2012 in its last session of 2012. The Act responds to construction businesses that misclassify employees in order to rob them of their earned wages and benefits, which is illegal, but still widely practiced. The Workplace Fraud bill provides for the first time for clear…

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Report: First Source Crucial to Create Local Jobs

Construction cranes are a typical part of the DC skyline to residents of the nation’s capital, where the construction industry is booming. However, DC residents are sorely underrepresented on the city’s construction sites compared to the rest of the region. A recent study by Good Jobs First reveals that with proper implementation, DC’s local hiring law, known as…

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EJC Advocacy Win: DC Auditor Commits to Study Impact of DC’s Paid Sick Leave Law

It’s been four years since the District passed the lauded Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act of 2008. However, as the Washington Post reports, the District has failed to conduct an audit to review how effective the policy has been at protecting District workers, even though one is required by statute. The D.C. Employment Justice…

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