10-8-2015 – Washington Post,  Protesters gather outside Indigo to demand back wages for dishwasher   

10-23-15Washington City Paper, EJC is quoted in this article.

10-8-15 –This is the podcast EJC’s Advocacy Director, Sheena Wadhawan, on Talk Poverty with Councilmembers Silverman and Grosso regarding Paid Family Leave.

9-5-2015 – Washington Post, EJC board member Virginia Diamond is quoted on Unpaid Wages case

9-3-15 — Washinton Post, Minimum Wage raise…check out this feature article on one of the leaders from EJC’s Workers’ Committee, Dalia Catalan, complete with pics of baby Carlitos 🙂

8-25-15 — HispanTV, Trabajadores de EEUU sufren despido injustificado…check out this coverage on our community forum on Workplace Terminations!

6-30-15 – WAMU, Minimum Wage Increase in DC and MD Is Not Enough with Sheena Wadhawan

5-8-15 – Washington Post, A member of EJC’s workers’ committee was featured in the article on Employer Scheduling Reform!

3-23-15 – Poverty & Policy Blog, We get a mention for our budget asks for enforcement

3-6-15Washington City Paper,  a long-form article about low wage workers in D.C., with a big focus on our Workers’ Clinic, written by Mike Paarlberg, a long-time volunteer at clinic.

7-14-14 – NPR Morning Edition, Ban the Box feature includes comments from Returning Citizens Cherie Phelps-El and Sherman Justice and also from EJC’s Ari Weisbard

7-14-14 –Washington Post, DC Council votes to override Mayor Vincent Gray’s budget veto,”  Info about ban the box and wage theft at bottom of article.

7-1-14 – Telemundo, article that highlights minimum wage and paid sick days and features Karina, Emma and FOUR workers, Dalia, Julio, Johnny and Salvador, who ends it by declaring “Today, workers voices have been heard in Washington DC”

3-29-2013 – LegalTimes, D.C. Legal Services Groups Awarded $3.17 Million in Grants.  Executive Director Barbra Kavanaugh is quoted.

2-8-2013 – Celeste Monforton and Liz Borkowski, Op Ed: Your meal shouldn’t come with a side of the flu

2-7-2013 – Metropolitan Washington Council, Tackle Box Restaurant Pays Up Under Pressure From DC Wage Theft Coalition

1-28-2013 Advocacy manager Ari Weisbard quoted in Washington Post’s Capital Business article How would a proposed minimum wage increase affect Maryland’s economy?

12-7-2012 – Executive Director Barbra Kavanaugh guest-blogs for DC Jobs with Justice: No Matter What You Call It, It’s Still Wage Theft

11-2012 – Board of Directors member Meei Shi Child is interviewed for the DC Virtual Pro Bono Fair

9-23-2012 – Sarah Halzack, “D.C. paid sick leave law should be audited, advocates say,” Washington Post Capital Business

9-13-2012 – Lucia He, “Epicurean faces multiple lawsuits from employees,” Georgetown Voice

9-6-2012 – “DC Bill Would Protect Injured Government Workers,” Street Heat

8-22-2012 – David Holzel, “Activists seek better conditions for restaurant workers,” Washington Jewish Week

5-8-2012 – “Labor Walk Reveals Local History,” Street Heat

4-13-2012 – “Injured DC Workers Battle for Benefits,” Street Heat

3-29-2012  – “Injured Workers Organize in DC,” Street Heat

3-8-2012 – “JwJ, EJC Urge Action for Injured Government Workers,” Street Heat

2-9-2012 – EJC Advocacy Manager Ari Weisbard guest blogs for the Make One City Possible budget blog: What would you do if your boss slipped $50 out of your wallet every week? 

11-18-2011 – EJC client and WAGE member Belinda Sheppard recruited by EJC for interview and photo in New York Times piece “Older, Suburban and Struggling, ‘Near Poor’ Startle the Census

11-3-11 – EJC client and WAGE member Calvin Moore guest blogs for Today’s Workplace on the DC Council’s reform of First Source legislation and how it will affect him and workers like him. [pdf]

5-31-11 – The Georgetowner reports on an EJC client winning $6 million.

5-11-11 – Washington CityPaper reports on the problems with DC’s workers’ compensation system. The EJC and IWA member Gaynell Nixon are mentioned.

3-24-2011 – Report on the rise in job discrimination with mention of the EJC. [pdf.]

2-8-2011 – Washington Post editorial about DC’s First Source employment law reform mentions the EJC’s work on the subject. [pdf.]

12-21-2010 – Courtney Chappell contributed to the Community Foundation’s First Source Report. [pdf]

12-13-2010 – Street Sense mentions the EJC; in an article on the first Carrotmob in D.C. [pdf]

11-22-2010 – The EJC’s Legal Services Director, Laura Brown, is quoted about wage theft in the Washington City Paper. [pdf]

November 2010 – The EJC contributed to The Washington Area Women’s
Foundation report 2010 Portrait of Women &Girls in the Washington
Metropolitan Area: http://bit.ly/c69GQ7

11-16-2010 – News about the first Carrotmob

* Carrotmob at TEAISM [pdf.]

* TEAISM elected to hold Carrotmob [pdf.]

* TEAISM announced as location for Carrotmob [pdf.]

* Carrotmob promotes paid sick leave [pdf.]

* Fun way to promote paid sick leave [pdf.]

* News from Mount Vernon Square [pdf.]

* TEAISM is elected [pdf.]

* TEAISM [pdf.]

* Carrotmob on Massey Media’s blog [pdf.]

10-2010 – EJC ED Melvina Ford contributed to Hill-Snowdon
Foundation’s Making the Case report on community organizing in DC: http://www.hillsnowdon.org/thecase.asp

9-7-2010 – The Worker’s Rights Clinic is mentioned in an article on the Bread for the City blog, discussing wage theft. Laura Brown is quoted. Michael Paarlberg, a WRC volunteer, wrote the post. [pdf]

8-12-2010 – The Urban Institute reports on the State of Latinos in the District of Columbia. Lisa Guerra, the EJC’S bilingual staff attorney, is referenced.

7-13-2010 – Washington City Paper reports Poll: DC Wants to
Make Big Box Stores Pay Up, Hire Local
[pdf]; Courtney Chappell, EJC Advocacy Director, is quoted

July 2010 – Calvin Moore’s story is featured on Defeat Poverty DC. Calvin is a member of WAGE. [pdf]

3-17-2010 – The Washington Post reports Immigrants vulnerable as recession spurs more bosses to shortchange workers. Lisa Guerra, the EJC’s bilingual staff attorney, is quoted.

2-24-2010 – The EJC’s legal and policy associate Mattew Mellon testified at the hearing about the challenges that limited-English proficient (“LEP) workers face and how the Office has failed to address these problems. To view his testimony, please click here. (Our testimony begins at 3:15).

2-2-2010 – The EJC’s Advocacy Manager Courtney Chapell’s editorial in The Washington Post to clear up Confusion about the new sick-leave law in D.C.

1-30-2010 – EJC’s Courtney Chappell is quoted in an article on the DC Votes listserv.

1-25-2010 – EJC’s Director of Advocacy, Courtney Chappell, is included in The Washington Post‘s report on the new D.C. law regarding sick leave.

11-23-2009 – D.C. Committee on Housing and Workforce Development, Unemployment Compensation Hearing, EJC Testimony

10-19-2009 – The EJC’s Courtney Chappell wrote an article about extended unemployment benefits. [pdf]

7-1-2009 – D.C. Committee on Aging and Community Affairs, Human Rights for Ex-Offenders Amendment Act of 2009, EJC Testimony

4-20-2009 – Department of Employment Services FY 2010 Budget Hearing, EJC Testimony

8-12-2008 – Executive Director Melvina Ford guest-blogs for Today’s Workplace, a workplace fairness blog, on the lack of protections for domestic workers.

1-13-2008, CBS News, Workers Want Paid Sick Days

7-13-2007, Washington Hispanic, “Debaten ley para pagar 10 dias por enfermedad a trabajadores”

5-3-2007, Washington Examiner, “Council weighs sick leave for all District workers”

5-3-2007, Washington Hispanic, “Proyecto de ley con beneficios laborales es bien recibido por el Concejo de DC”

5-3-2007,_ Inclusion_, “More Good News for Better Jobs – Paid Sick Days in DC”

12-2006, Washington Lawyer, “Fenty Keynotes Hispanic Bar’s Awards Ceremony” (EJC receives the Hispanic Bar Association’s Hugh A. Johnson, Jr. award for being “instrumental” in securing, protecting, and promoting workplace justice in the D.C. metropolitan area.)

12-5-2006, The Washington Examiner, Veteran City Employee Fights to Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits (EJC Injured Worker Advocate and Board Member Brenda Day is interviewed about her challenges with the workers’ compensation system. Article also mentions the EJC’s continued efforts on behalf of injured government workers.)

11-19-2006, * The Washington Post
, Thanks to Those Who Help Turn the Tides of Misfortune (Columnist thanks the EJC and other area nonprofits for their hard work)

10-30-2006, The Legal Times, “DC Measure Seeks to Protect Ex-Cons” (Article quotes the expertise of EJC Executive Director Judith M. Conti, Esq.)

9-24-2006, The New York Times, “The Ethicist: Hire Good” by Randy Cohen (Column quotes the expertise of EJC Executive Director Judith M. Conti, Esq. in its response to worker)

* 11/3/2005 – Testimony of Judith M. Conti to the Committee on the Judiciary

* 8/29/2005 – Legal Times. “Root, Root for the Workers”. EJC Co-Directors Judith Conti and Kerry O’Brien strive to ensure RFK stadium workers are paid what they’re owed.

* 7/22/2005 – Washington City Paper. “Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Woes: In the District’s Disability Compensation Program, the injury is just the beginning of the trauma.” Several members of the Injured Worker Advocates tell their horror stories of the District’s worker compensation program for government employees.

* 6/17/2005 – Dirty Work. For years, DC government contractors have underpaid their workers in police stations, government offices, and a 45,000 seat stadium. Nobody noticed.

* 5/6/2005 – Washington City Paper. Working for Peanuts: Some of the jobs D.C. baseball brought to town didn’t come with legal wages. Co-director Kerry O’Brien detects thousands of dollars in wage violations by cleaning contractors at RFK Stadium.

* 4/15/2005 – Washington Hispanic El Comite Fighting Against Employers that Don’t Pay. Mitzi Macias’ front page report on El Comite’s efforts to double the staff of the wage enforcement office in D.C. (in English & Spanish). (PDF 117K)

* 3/3/2005 – El Pregonero. They Don’t Pay them Wages or Give Them Bounced Checks. Andrea Acosta writes about the testimony of El Comite de la Defensa de Los Trabajadores before the D.C. Council Committee on Government Operations on February 28.

* 3/1/2005 – Radio America. Jorge Carranza of the EJC’s Workers’ Defense Committee spoke on Radio America about El Comite’s wage enforcement campaign. He explained the problem of unpaid wages and reported that the February 28 hearing was not a solution and that we need people to come out for the next hearing on April 9. Unfortunately, no clip is available.

* Justice Delayed is Justice Denied! On Monday, February 28, the Injured Workers Advocates rallied in front of the Wilson Building to demand that Gregg Irish, the director of the Department of Employment Services, decrease the time that it takes for workers’ compensation judges to issue decisions. See the full press release here (PDF, 88 K).

* The Epidemic of Unpaid Wages. The Workers’ Defense Committee (El Comite de la Defensa de Los Trabajadores) will rally and testify before the D.C. Council about the epidemic of unpaid wages. Jorge Carranza, a member of the Workers’ Defense Committee will testify that too many immigrant workers are being abused by employers and that the D.C. Department of Employment Services needs to do more to enforce the wage laws. Media advisory. Testiomony of Jorge. El Pregonero Article on the Testimony (PDF 66K) (2/28/2005).

* 01/28/2005 – WAMU Metro Connection, Low Wage Work Force – Kerry O’Brien is interviewed as part of a story by James Jones. Click here for an audio clip.

* 01/21/2005 – Washington Hispanic, Assaulted Worker Wins Case Against Employer. (PDF, 58 KB)

* 12/13/2004 – The Common Denominator, Minimum Wage Hike – Article on the recent D.C. Minimum Wage Increase which also includes information about the IWA’s recent legislative victory. (PDF, 55 KB)

* 10/7/2004 – Sideshows & Souveniers – Barras Report – Jonetta Rose Barras reports on the Council’s disapproval of James Jacobs as Chief Risk Officer. (scroll down to S&S headline).

* 10/6/2004 – Washington Post, D.C. Faces Bill in Disability Ruling: Council Dismisses Official Over Benefits Payment Disupte. (PDF, 58 KB)

* 10/2004 – The Ethicist, NY Times – Judy Conti weighs in on an ethical issue regarding math ability in the workplace. (Free login required).